Lois has assisted many clients in various situations. She is comfortable with clients one on one, couples, families and in groups. Whichever way you believe your healing can take place is what is most important.

Because of her many years of counselling and training, Lois counsels clients where they are at. This means that, depending upon their interest, goals, ability level, and intent, she shapes a counselling session to fit their needs. She takes the repertoire of her years of learning and pulls out information that is needed when the client clarifies their needs, desires and wishes.

She uses some of the following theories:

Brief/Solution Focused Therapy:

Although all counselling is geared to coming to a solution, this type of intervention takes a very clear approach to adhere only to solve the problem that the client raises. The questions asked and the thought process ignores any other factors that do not help to resolve the specific problem. This type of intervention is often effective and appropriate when the client has one or two issues that need to be resolved. If this is all the client wants, or if a larger, more impactful issue is not triggered for the client, then 1 or 2 sessions are all that is needed to help this client on their way.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Various approaches are used that appeal to the rational side of our brain, our thought process or cognition. Some cognitive behavioral therapy interventions Lois uses are cognitive restructuring, covert modelling, systematic desensitization, problem solving, and guided imagery or visualization. These techniques have been effectively used when dealing with ADHD, or an addiction that is not entrenched in trauma, or facing lower levels of anxiety, depression, or fears. This approach can often be effective and is applied when needed during the therapeutic sessions.

Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Therapy):

Much of our living experiences have to do with what we are doing at an unconscious level. Somatic Experiencing allows for a gentle and respectful way of releasing the power that seems to have a hold on us, keeping us from what we want in our lives. Post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment disorder, anxiety attacks or just high anxiety, phobias, high levels of fear, even syndromes such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, are some examples that can be results of trauma in the body’s system. There is often a feeling of being stuck or unable to get over this feeling, no matter how hard we try.

Often clients will say, “I don’t know why I can’t get over this.” Or “I have never been able to beat this and I don’t know why.” These feelings are often a result of something in our past.

Our central nervous system activates and deactivates in response to sensory input. The comfortable area within this is known as our window of tolerance. Everyone’s window of tolerance is as unique as our finger prints. Once we are pushed beyond our window of tolerance there is a natural response of fear and or anger that results. If continued to be pushed out of our window of tolerance, often fear turns to terror and anger to rage. These are powerful emotions to experience and often one needs specialized assistance in releasing undischarged energy resulting from these times.

Sometimes our experiences were too difficult, or went on for too long, and our central nervous system was unable to accommodate the high activation level that we experienced. What often results is undischarged energy in our system and so we somehow feel different. If the energy was not able to complete its cycle, the undischarged energy is still in the body, needing to be released.

Lois Hansen not only is well trained and experienced in counselling, but is also specialized in Somatic Experiencing. Somatic Experiencing is based on Dr. Peter Levine’s studies and clinical application of how to release the wounds of early developmental attachment and/or trauma. His 45 years of research on the study of stress physiology, ethology, psychology, biology, indigenous healing practices and medical biophysics, including the most recent and relevant brain-based research, is masterfully combined and presented to clients in the form of Somatic Experiencing.

Applying these amazing intervention strategies, Lois has the ability to help clients release the un-discharged physical energy and often, with this release, symptoms such as anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, out of control anger, attachment trauma, also disappear.

Some techniques you might encounter during a Somatic Experiencing session are: a breathing exercise, connecting one’s mind and body, noticing triggers, noticing activation and deactivation levels of the central nervous system, pendulation, and titration. Always at the client’s comfort level.

Whether counselling an individual, a couple, a family, or a group, Lois is committed to the highest standard of empathy, kindness and most currently effective approach. She is often assisted by her therapy dog named Charlie, who is a blonde golden retriever. If you are interested in booking a session, contact Lois at: Lois@HansenOnline.ca or at 250-487-0236.