Designed by a teacher for today’s teachers.
Offered as a 2-4 hour workshop.

Lois was a classroom teacher for 19 years so she understands, on a personal level, the everyday challenges of teachers. She brings with her wisdom and knowledge specifically designed to help those children whose central nervous system is highly activated and where self-regulation is a problem, more specifically the child with anxiety.

Anxiety is the fastest growing mental illness in our children today. Why is this? Although there is no one simple answer, it is clear that today’s children seem to be confronted with a dichotomy. On one hand they are subjected to television, movies, computer and electronic games that give them a wonderful yet unrealistic expectation of how everyday life should be. While they have wonderful entertainment this takes them away from direct human connection. Further, they are part of a society that, by the very nature of its evolution, provides fewer intimate moments. Our homes are bigger, causing less incidental interaction. Involvement with extended families is infrequent, religious affiliations are often weaker, creating little, if any support from the grandparents or church community. More families have both parents working, or single parent homes, resulting in children spending more time alone or with preoccupied adults, leading to children feeling more alone.

According to M. A. Barnes, in his book, The Healing Path with Children, a study stated that from 1965 to 1989 the amount of time parents spent with their children dropped 80%. What do you think that number would be in 2014? At the very least, it has not increased.

Lois provides a workshop for teachers to assist them with these very challenging situations. The presentation contains theory of trauma, based on Somatic Experiencing and practical ways of dealing with the anxiety in the classroom.

An overview of the workshop includes:

  • Interactive Group Activity
  • What is anxiety? Activation & de-activation of the central nervous system based on Somatic Experiencing Theory
  • How to apply activation and de-activation theory to our classroom
  • How we are already lowering anxiety in our classroom
  • Questions & Answers
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Offered as a 4 hour workshop.

An Introduction to Central Nervous System Regulation, Based on the Somatic Experiencing Theory

Designed to assist school counsellors with specific strategies of de-activating the central nervous system.

An overview of the workshop includes:

  • Trauma defined
  • Steps to Releasing Energy: An Experiential Approach
  • Theory: The triune brain
  • Basic Skills: Vocabulary, Tracking, Crazy 8, Other Details to Notice
  • Questions & Answers

This workshop is designed for those who have a Master Degree in Counselling and are actively counselling in the school district. Content is geared for those who are counsellors.


Court Approved Classes targeting client’s behaviour, to lower violent interactions between loved ones.

This class can be done individually or with a group of clients.

When violence becomes a part of a relationship it is never ok. Using her training in trauma, Lois teaches classes to those who want to stop their violent behavior. The classes consist of 8 weeks going through the following content:

  1. Effective communication: Understanding perspectives & Active Listening
  2. Thinking Clearly: Learning to identify common thinking errors
  3. Understanding my own Behaviour:  What is assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour?
  4. Strategies for controlling anger
  5. Listening to Ourselves: Learning to ask for what you want
  6. Knowing my Family’s Influence in my Life
  7. Relaxation exercises

This class has been helpful in teaching new ways of behaving in a relationship. Along with the basic curriculum, Lois also applies her knowledge of trauma and how it effects people’s lives. Her approach is highly effective and often, after the classes are over, the client requests to continue with counselling because they are so pleased with the change in their behaviour and the new way they approach life.


Somatic Experiencing is a three year program that equips the counsellor with strategies and intervention techniques for those clients who have experienced trauma in their lives. Sometimes the level of trauma these individuals have experienced is compounded and one simple approach is not enough. Getting colleagues involved often helps the counsellor to remember that they are not alone in helping and many times another perspective is valuable. Lois is a consultant for counsellors who are working with clients and needing some direction as to how to effectively help their client. She has been a consultant to counsellors in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, in the mental health system and in private practice.

Consultations can be done over the phone, skype or in person.


There are many people today suffering from various types of mental illness such as depression, ADHD, PTSD, as well as brain injury. Although the medical professionals seem to be doing what they can, they are many times overrun with clients with mental illnesses and as a result, clients are often not receiving the help they need. One way of beginning to meet the need for services to these clients is by having Group Medical Visits. This is a group similar to a support group that meets on a regular basis, to provide psycho-educational information, support and medical input for these clients. Lois started a Group Medical Visit with a local medical doctor and they have been running it successfully for the past 3 years. The group has a specific format and covers various topics.

A few examples of the topics are:

  • Coping with anxiety and depression
  • Dealing with abandonment after a brain injury
  • Skills to overcome phobias
  • Anger management/assertiveness skills
  • Grief/loss
  • Budgeting
  • Building self esteem
  • Inviting special speakers

Together she and the local medical doctor have done presentations at the National Brain Injury Conference in Naramata, encouraging others to start up Group Medical Visits in their communities.

If you want to start a Group Medical Visit or if you want more information about Group Medical Visits, or if you want support in starting a Group Medical Visit, please contact Lois Hansen at 250-487-0236 or email Lois@HansenOnline.ca.