There are many people today suffering from various types of mental illness such as depression, ADHD, PTSD, as well as brain injury. Although the medical professionals seem to be doing what they can, they are many times overrun with clients with mental illnesses and as a result, clients are often not receiving the help they need. One way of beginning to meet the need for services to these clients is by having Group Medical Visits. This is a group similar to a support group that meets on a regular basis, to provide psycho-educational information, support and medical input for these clients. Lois started a Group Medical Visit with a local medical doctor and they have been running it successfully for the past 3 years. The group has a specific format and covers various topics.

A few examples of the topics are:

  • Coping with anxiety and depression
  • Dealing with abandonment after a brain injury
  • Skills to overcome phobias
  • Anger management/assertiveness skills
  • Grief/loss
  • Budgeting
  • Building self esteem
  • Inviting special speakers

Together she and the local medical doctor have done presentions at the National Brain Injury Conference in Naramata, encouraging others to start up Group Medical Visits in their communities. If you want to start a Group Medical Visit or if you want more information about Group Medical Visits, or if you want support in starting a Group Medical Visit, contact or at 250-487-0236


Manual for Facilitating a Group Medical Visit

A Group Medical Visit is a group, usually, run weekly, that is set up to meet the needs of clients. A medical doctor has to be present and sometimes may help facilitate the group and sometimes not. There can be Group Medical Visits for brain injured clients, for those with depression, or for any medically diagnosed condition. When clients have the option of attending a Group Medical Visit, they often get some of their needs met through this group, so are less likely to spend time at the doctor’s office. Group Medical Visits meet the needs of clients while clearing up space in the medical offices.

Lois, with a medical doctor, co-facilitates a successful Group Medical Visit for Brain Injured Clients that has been running for the past three years. She and the local medical doctor are interested in encouraging others to start up Group Medical Visits in their communities. If you want more information on Group Medical Visits, or if you want to receive the manual for Group Medical Visits contact or at 250-487-0236.

For more information on Group Medical Visits, see Education Consulting and Facilitation.