“Healing happens when you are heard.” -Anonymous

As a registered psychotherapist and somatic experiencing practitioner, Lois Hansen uses a trauma lens that reflects her 11 years specialized university level training and over 25 years of experience. Fully trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, she uses techniques such as cognitive restructuring, covert modelling, systematic desensitization, problem solving, and guided imagery or visualization. Lois also is fully trained in Somatic Experiencing® therapy, strength based therapy, play therapy, family systems therapy, Gottman couples therapy, Mindfulness, and touch therapy with Somatic Experiencing® being the strongest influence in her counselling sessions. Her specialized training in trauma, including shock trauma, (a one-time, or just a few experiences) developmental trauma, (traumas experienced as a child, teen-ager and/or young adult) intergenerational trauma, (traumas siblings, parents, uncles and aunts and/or grandparent may have experienced that have an effect) as well as complex trauma, (a combination of any or all the previously mentioned traumas). This gives her a unique approach in assisting her clients to move more effectively through their issues so they can live a life closer to what they are wanting. Throughout each counselling session Lois also integrates attachment theory (the study of relationship bonding and its disruption), child development theory, Stephen Porges Polyvagal theory, traumatic stress research, as well as other neuro-scientific research, including brain plasticity. These theories are combined to offer a highly individualized and most often an effective intervention sessions.

Common issues that people deal with through the assistance of Hansen Counselling:

Anxiety Disorders
Eating Disorders
Endocrine Disorders
Complex Trauma 
Digestive Disturbance
Parenting Concerns 
Relationship Issues
Chronic Pain
Autoimmune Illness

Lois Hansen, through Hansen Counselling, is also an approved mental healthcare provider for:

First Nations Health Authority

Crime Victim Services
Veteran Affairs

Hansen Counselling offers one-on-one counseling, couples therapy, family and child counselling, group therapy, telehealth, zoom sessions, facilitation of workshops as well as touch therapy.