Lowering Anxiety through Self-Regulation© Workshop

Lowering Anxiety through Self-Regulation© Workshop for Adults is offered on a regular basis.

In this workshop, learn how to:

      • Sustainably experience less anxiety
      • Apply practical ways of self-regulation
      • Overcome effects of negative experiences
      • Improve relationships at home and the workplace.
      • Understand the central nervous system
      • Understand panic attacks and other overwhelming experiences
      • Understand sources of anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and how to guard against them
      • Access your own resources that may not be getting used to their fullest potential
      • Listen to find inner self and learn what gets in the way of connecting to authentic self

Written and presented by a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, registered trauma therapist and long time educator, this class teaches how to become more regulated, which effects every area in our lives, using the nuances that come from an understanding of the central nervous system. When we have activation, often caused by trauma energy in the central nervous system, it shows up many ways, often through anxiety, anger, frustration, etc. This can be a result of one or a variety of difficult experiences. Activation can also be the cause of many physical symptoms such as digestive issues, chronic pain, even insomnia, and needs to be released in order for the central nervous system to come back to regulation. Learn how to start the process of releasing trauma energy.

Learn the single most common factor for fighting anxiety according to Harvard University Centre.

Anxiety is the fastest growing mental illness in children, youth and adults today in North America. For this reason, Lois designed these classes applying her 11 years of university level training and her 25+ years of counselling experience. Using psycho-education, experiential learning with effective modelling as well as creating a safe environment in which to learn, individuals address the activation of their own central nervous system and learn how to regulate their own central nervous system. First some knowledge, then through the safety of a shared experience, then applying co-regulation participants are  able to experience true self-regulation. The results have been outstanding and many participants note that they undergo a life changing experience through this class.


Lowering Anxiety through Self-Regulation© for Children

Children’s Lowering Anxiety through Self-Regulation classes were actually created first. In response to many parents, expressing their concern for their children’s anxiety levels, Lois created this class to assist parents in lowering their children’s anxiety levels. Applying her trauma training in Somatic Experiencing® as well as her 20 years experience as a teacher, the class became very effective for lowering children’s anxiety.

This class is offered to groups of 6-8 children at a time. In this class, the word anxiety is never used. With precision pacing, children experience age-appropriate structure and a series of skillfully selected fun activities/art projects. The participants then discover their own way of being grounded and experience on a felt sense, what having less anxiety feels like. Also, modelling of what is NOT anxious in the facilitators’ life is exemplified.

Parents of these children also are given information regarding the program before session 1 and after the last class. Specific homework is assigned to the children and parents are encouraged to just let the children initiate sharing their own learning. The outcome has been outstanding. These children continually change and express less anxiety after attending these classes. Parents are amazed at how different their children respond to the same situations and often ask for more of these classes. This class was so successful that the adults started to ask for a similar class for adults. That is when Lois developed the Lowering Anxiety through Self-Regulation for Adults, which has reportedly been incredibly effective.