Couples Counselling

Healthy bonding is a powerful experience. It has been scientifically proven that healthy bonding is so powerful that it can actually immunize human beings against traumatic stress. Investing in a positive relationship not only improves your relationship but also impacts your own mental wellness in a positive way. This happens through creating access to co-regulation between yourself and your partner as well as the development of self-regulation, safety and security for yourself, all within a sense of connectedness.

The opposite is also true, a difficult relationship can impact our physical and mental health negatively. So, investing in your relationship is absolutely worth it. When we need help with our vehicle, we go to a mechanic. When we need help with our finances we go to the bank. Why? Because they have the specialized knowledge to help our situation. So when your relationship is not what you want it to be, you go to a therapist with specialized information to help your relationship.

What are some benefits to relationship counselling?

Using theories from world renounce couple’s therapist Esther Perel and John Gottman, Lois creates sessions for couples where their specific needs are addressed and met. Couples are given strategies to build awareness around the challenges that make connection difficult, they gain tools to improve communication and build connection and to increase a sense of control over their relationship experience. Discover your own love language and the love language of your partner. Be equipped with new tools to build a successful relationship and learn what specific habits destroy relationships. Discover how to share experiences with your partner and see things more clearly through their eyes.

Lois has found in her experience, that couples have become much more proactive in the last decade and many couples come in for counselling long before their problems are unsurmountable.

Through couples counselling, you learn to:

      • Love your partner and yourself again,
      • Understand yourself or your partner better,
      • Have improved communication,
      • Understand yourself or your partner better,
      • Help with anxiety, depression or stress,
      • Argue in a productive way,
      • Resolve differences around raising the children,
      • Resolve conflicts and disagreements,
      • Stop hurting each other,
      • Improve their sex and intimacy,
      • Deal with midlife issues and/or impacts of illnesses and workplace together,
      • Reduce tension for both parties,
      • Create a more equal workload,
      • Blended family dynamics,
      • Overcoming Adultery
      • Decide whether to stay together, or divorce or have a separation mediation.

Group couples therapy is also available for those who have already worked with Lois.