Sex Therapy

Learn to find comfort, pleasure, ease, and resources in your body. This might include:

      • Building healthy boundaries
      • Wanting to open yourself outside of what your known roles are
      • Repairing shame
      • Celebrating your body, instead of noting what is wrong with it
      • Improving body image
      • Enjoying sex more
      • Not using sex as the only way to enjoy a sexual partner
      • Discovering your most essential connection to yourself
      • Finding authentic self
      • Learning about your own sexuality
      • Finding your sexual identity
      • Healing from sexual abuse

Often, those who have felt violated sexually have a lack of or over connection to their pelvic region. Learning how to connect to one’s body in a healthy way creates a clear ability for authentic consent. Other issues that can be addressed are: gender issues, sexual addictions, lack of libido, dealing with undesirable impulses and compulsions, promiscuity, and loneliness. If recovering from a sexual assault, or sexual abuse, a safe and secure relationship is offered in which healing can take place.