Possible Ways to Have Counselling Paid For ​

Some Counselling could be at no cost to you….

Extended Health Care Benefits 
Most extended health care plans cover at least $500.00 of counselling with a registered psychotherapist per year, through their plan. How to apply this? Confirm with your extended health care provider that you have coverage for counselling from a registered psychotherapist. Once approved, after counselling pay psychotherapist. Submit psychotherapist’s receipt to extended health care provider. They refund payment usually very quickly, often before your credit card bill is due.

Counselling for Indigenous People with a Status Number 
If you are aboriginal and you have a status number you qualify for free counselling through First Nations Health Authority.

Here’s how:          Contact FNHA 1-877-477-0775                         
                              FNHA.ca: Residential Schools
                              Choose a counsellor on the list of approved counsellors   
                              Contact the counsellor…with birthdate, name, relationship to person who went to Residential Schools as well as name of the school

Counselling Through ICBC
If you have been in an automobile accident that included ICBC, you automatically receive 8 sessions with a registered psychotherapist, of your choice. paid for by ICBC. You don’t have to wait for your adjuster. As long as you have the accident report and your ICBC claim number with the date of your accident. You can go to any registered psychotherapist who is approved for counselling with ICBC to receive counselling paid for through ICBC.                                    

Counselling Through Crime Victim Services
You probably would qualify for counselling under the Crime Victim Assistance Services, (CVap)

          If: you have been the victim of a crime with the police report.
          How: Contact crime victim services at 1-604-660-3888.

Tell them that you have been the victim of a crime and you have a police file number. They will direct you to the paperwork. It is a lot of paperwork and will take about 2 months for them to reply, but then a large part of your counselling is paid for.

Counselling Through Veteran Affairs
If you are a veteran and would like counselling and have veteran affairs cover the cost, contact your case manager and tell them that you would like to receive counselling through a specific psychotherapist and trauma specialist. Once your social worker approves, you can receive free counselling paid for through veteran affairs.

Counselling Through Autism Funding
If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with autism, or is on the autism spectrum, there is funding for counselling through Autism BC.